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Capital Area Food Bank

The Capital Area Food Bank is the anchor of the hunger relief infrastructure in our region, providing more than 45 million meals to people in communities across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. But we don’t stop there, because we know that creating long term solutions to hunger requires more than meals. It requires education, training, and opportunity. In short, it demands ideas that address the big picture. That’s why we’re approaching the problem in multiple ways: providing food for today, and addressing the root causes of hunger by partnering with organizations that provide critical services like job training programs and health care.

Without good food, everything becomes more difficult—including thinking, learning, growing, and staying healthy. Every day, our partners, donors, and volunteers help to change that for thousands of people in need by enabling us to source, and distribute an average of 88,000 daily meals—more than 45 million meals a year.

Culmore Clinic

Named "One of the Best Nonprofits" by Catalogue for Philanthropy, Culmore Clinic is an interfaith, non-profit healthcare clinic offering compassionate and culturally-sensitive medical care, counseling, and specialty referrals to low-income adults at little to no cost in the Bailey’s Crossroads, VA community.

West River Sailing Foundation

Founded in 2018, the West River Sailing Foundation is associated with the West River Sailing Club as an entirely separate, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The Foundation’s purpose is to promote sailing interest and participation in civic organizations, public schools and youth groups within the community; enhance sailing knowledge and skills among adults and youth; foster national or international amateur sailing competition and develop amateur sailors to achieve that level. As a non-profit entity, the Foundation accepts donations that are tax deductible to the donor. Annually, the Foundation will partner with the Junior Sailing Fundraiser event. If you know of something related to our area of expertise on the water in our community, please let us know. (Donations may be sent to the Foundation at 4800 Riverside Drive, POB 268, Galesville, MD 20765).

Unity Club

The Unity Club of Falls Church, Virginia is a meeting place for members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other recovery fellowships, based on the 12-steps of AA. It is a safe, secure, and supportive environment, creating a sanctuary for the newly recovering alcoholic and addict. It is a place of hope.

Dreams For Kids DC

Dreams For Kids DC (DFKDC) is a nonprofit that provides life-changing activities that empower children with physical and developmental disabilities to unite with their peers and realize their potential. Dreams for Kids Inc. replaces charity with opportunity for at-risk youth through service, leadership and social activities and inspires them to fearlessly pursue their dreams and compassionately change the world.

The Gamecock Pantry

The Gamecock Pantry provides access to food and toiletries in a free and confidential way to members of the University of South Carolina community while creating awareness about food insecurity at Carolina. The campus food pantry was created for students, by students. The pantry provides food assistance and other resources that enhance the community’s overall wellbeing.